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A Wyoming LLC is a company formed by filing articles of organization with the Wyoming Secretary of State. A Wyoming LLC can be created online or by mailing in articles of organization along with filing fee. A Wyoming LLC does not have shareholders, officers, or directors like a corporation. It has members, which are the LLCs owners, and managers, which are in charge of running the LLC.


The Wyoming Secretary of State is in charge of filing Wyoming LLC, and it will take about 3-6 business days to process your Wyoming limited liability company articles of organization if you file by mail. Online filings are processed immediately. If you file the paper form, you have to hire a registered agent, get an originally signed consent form from them, and attach that to your LLC articles of organization, and mail in an original and one copy to the Wyoming SOS. Logistically, there’s some back and forth that wastes a few days when you form a Wyoming LLC by mailing the articles yourself.


What does your Wyoming LLC service include?


** Unlimited Wyoming Mail Forwarding

** Drafting custom Wyoming company articles of organization

** Filing your LLC with the state same day

** We draft the organizer initial resolution

** Wyoming limited liability company operating agreement

** Wyoming LLC membership certificates

** The Wyoming LLCs state filing fees

** Wyoming registered agent service

** Wyoming registered office service



It’s easy to get a Wyoming Limited Liability Corporation bank account. You will apply for a bank account under your Wyoming LLC name, our Wyoming address, and we will forward your Wyoming business bank account checks and debit cards to you when they come to you at our address. We guarantee the final Wyoming Limited Liability Company filed packet we give you will work with your local bank. We also have written a page about how to get a free Wyoming business bank account here yourself. You’ll need to get a Federal Tax ID Number before applying for a bank account.




An LLC must be capitalized. This is a key element to a Wyoming Limited Liability Corporation. In particular, because LLCs can be formed in Wyoming without listing the members (owners) or providing this information to the state because Wyoming does not have an income tax return to file. The Wyoming LLC and registered agent service has been commoditized into a war to provide the cheapest service. These services do you an injustice because you will not be able to really document your ownership of a Wyoming LLC. It all comes back to the money. You need to capitalize your WY LLC.


If you are wondering How to form a Wyoming Limited Liability Corporation, we can help! You just hire us as your registered agent. If you want to file a paper form, we send you a consent form the same day, and you will send it with your Articles of Organization to the WY Secretary of State. If you want to file online, we will give you our legal name to use in the online form, and you will be good to go.



Wyoming has a special election you can make on an LLC to make it a Wyoming Close LLC. Basically the theory has been for many years that if you have a single member LLC it does not have as much liability protection as an LLC with multiple members because an actual business with two non-related members might have more of a business purpose than a single individual trying to create an alternative identity behind a single member LLC.


All this is stupid in our minds. Why should someone that doesn’t have partners not have as much liability protection just because they own the business as a single person? Well, the State of Wyoming agrees and created the Wyoming Close LLC. We’ve outlined it more in the link above, but it provides a lot of really awesome asset protection and planning mechanisms for single member WY LLC and closely held LLCs.


The Wyoming courts will fight and reward you for honesty and integrity, but they will quickly allow someone to pierce your corporate veil if you fraudulently defraud people you owe. The good news is if you have no bad intentions with a WY LLC company, you should be protected if you run your Wyoming Company properly. It’s important to remember that just because Wyoming has great asset protection laws for a limited liability company or corporation, you can’t just not pay people and hide behind the entity.


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